Revision Policy

Occasionally, a client may feel that their delivered paper needs some things altering. At, we know this happens. This is why we supply the best academic assistance possible when we revise a paper, and this costs nothing to our clients provided that the following conditions apply:


A revision request has to be initiated through your order page by clicking on ‘request revision’.


All customers are able to request revisions during any point before the order is approved. However, once you’ve approved the order, you only have ten days to request revisions. If the order is twenty pages or longer, you have fourteen days to request revisions. If a substantial revision is required, you might need to pay a minimal fee, which will be based on the complexity and length of the revision requirements. We are able to help with calculating fee estimates.

Requesting revisions after the 10-day or 14-day (for larger orders) approval period

If you make a revision request after your grace period, you will need to place a new order using the rewriting and editing service. However, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and so we are able to extend revision deadlines where possible.

Major revision service

If a revision request has major differences compared to the original instructions (and this includes a change to the instructions that were provided initially) i.e., a perspective change, a different research requirement, or discontentment with the content for another reason, and the changes are between 60% and 100% of the effort or word count of the assignment, we can provide a major revision service.

This service costs 60% (fixed price) of your word count and your deadline (in the case that the initial paper is used and a new one is ordered from scratch). Our major revision service aims to enable you to meet the new requirements without having to pay for a new paper. It also means the writer will be compensated for the work they have already done.