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Does the Problem of Evil Go Against God?

 God is omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing), and perfectly good. If that’s so, he should have not allowed human beings to suffer. Let us dig deeper to the main reason why we experience such war, crime, injustice, diseases, death, etc.

We have been created by God with the freedom to choose between doing good and doing evil. That freedom allows us to express our love for Him. However, an angel rebelled wanting to rule the earth and be worshiped as well. He was then called Satan the Devil. He claimed that no one would serve God out of unselfish love. He influenced Adam and Eve to disobey God and promotes harmful practices in the entire earth which results to suffering of the human race from generation to generation.

God really cares about us and feels bad every time he sees us suffer. Even if he hasn’t stopped bad things from happening, he isn’t the one making them happen (Job 34:10-12). In the bible, we can find his promises about a new peaceful earth without famine, death and diseases. He also sacrificed his own son just to save us from evil and imperfection. We should make the right choices that can prove that the Devil lied when he claimed that none of us would obey God when under pressure.

Therefore, problem of evil doesn’t go against God since He has only allowed rebellion over sovereignty to show that no effort to rule without Him benefits people. Currently, the earth is ruled by a Devil who will be killed when God’s Kingdom will reign. Then, there will no longer be mourning nor suffering as what Revelation 21:4 states.


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