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Is it Better to Be Part of a Team Than to Lead It?

In a team, the role of a leader plays a crucial part in the success and goal achievement process. The leader serves as the guide, role model, and facilitator of decision making. Furthermore, the leaders carry great responsibilities- when the objectives are not attained, it is the leader who will be blamed for the work undone and inadequacies of the team.

According to Neil Kokemuller, "the separation that comes with being a leader can have drawbacks, one is the possibility of isolation. Hence, some people do not see themselves as a leader or never imagined themselves as the leader influencing others or facilitating decision making. In one side, many people would usually consider the easier task than the hard one. While everyone has innate potentials and abilities, some people would prefer to follow than to lead. Some people would choose to be a simple member with less responsibilities and less stress.

Let's be honest, not everyone is gifted with leadership skills and abilities. Some people would prefer to be a member working with others following instructions and processes than to be a leader. While some people are more effective being a leader, there are also people who work best when someone is guiding them or driving them to attain specific goals. They find more comfort and satisfaction by being a simple member, yet contributing great impact in the success of the team. Being a team member provides opportunities for growth and development of both the person and organization. According to Freddie Silver the advantages of being a team member includes "time saved, intellectually stimulating, complementary strengths and opportunity for flexibility".

Generally, it is widely recognized that both leaders and members in a team play significant roles and contributions in the success of every organization. This is not a question of whose contribution has more impact than the other, but this is to recognize that every individual has their strengths and abilities, as well as freedom to choose whether they are more capable being a leader or more effective being a member. Therefore, whatever position one holds in a team, that person must take and perform the tasks and responsibilities competently to attain the team’s goals and objectives.


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