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Did Columbus Discover or Invade America?

To begin with, it is important to underscore that the discovery of so-called New World was made by the prominent historical creature; namely, Christopher Columbus. There are lots of controversies on this topic due to the fact that the future of the New World appeared to be rather violent. That is why there is an issue whether Columbus discovered or invaded America. However, regardless of all events that took place after its discovery in the year of 1942, Columbus's achievement can be firmly considered as a discovery of the 15th century.

On the one hand, Columbus made his expedition in order to find India; however, due to the lack of navigation that existed in the 15th century, he discovered America ("Christopher Columbus Discovers America"). There is a need to mention that the American continent was not explored by other Europeans before, regardless of the fact that lots scientists claim about pre-Columbus discoveries of the continent. In fact, Columbus just showed to the European society that there existed another continent where a number of various societies had been living for years. That is why it is apparent that the explorer has not brought any harm to the continent or people living over there.

On the other hand, the discovery made by Columbus led to the fact that the continent started suffering from continuous attacks conducted by Europeans. As a result, new European settlements occupied entire America, replacing Indians who had always been locals in those territories ("Christopher Columbus"). Moreover, the discovery gave a powerful boost to the development of slavery on the continent.

In conclusion, it is important to mention that Columbus made a discovery, which was both positive and negative for the world. Despite all negative legacy that America faced with after the discovery, Columbus act can be described as a huge achievement and exploration for the society of that time.


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